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Dr. Fuhrmann's research focuses on international relations, nuclear proliferation, and armed conflict.

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Academic Articles32
  • Boyle, M. J., Horowitz, M. C., Kreps, S. E., & Fuhrmann, M. (2018). Debating drone proliferation. International Security. 42(3), 178-180.
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  • Fuhrmann, M. (2018). On extended nuclear deterrence. Diplomacy & Statecraft. 29(1), 51-73.
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  • Berkemeier, M., & Fuhrmann, M. (2018). Reassessing the fulfillment of alliance commitments in war. Research & Politics. 5(2), 205316801877969-205316801877969.
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  • Horowitz, M. C., & Fuhrmann, M. (2018). Studying Leaders and Military Conflict: Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda. JOURNAL OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION. 62(10), 2072-2086.
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  • Fuhrmann, M. (2018). When preventive war threats work for nuclear nonproliferation. WASHINGTON QUARTERLY. 41(3), 111-135.
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  • Sechser, T. S., & Fuhrmann, M. (2016). Nuclear Weapons and Coercive Diplomacy. Cambridge University Press.
  • Stulberg, A., & Fuhrmann, M. (2013). The Nuclear Renaissance and International Security. Stanford University Press.
  • Kreps, S. E., Fuhrmann, M., & Horowitz, M. C. (2018). Drone proliferation in the twenty-first century. The Oxford Handbook of International Security. (pp. 578-592).
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  • Fuhrmann, M. C. (2014). Preventive War and the Spread of Nuclear Programs. Sokolski, H. (Eds.), Moving Beyond Pretense: Nuclear Power and Nonproliferation. (pp. 33-52). The Strategic Studies Institute Publications Office, United States Army War College.
  • Fuhrmann, M. (2013). Australia's uranium exports and nuclear arsenal expansion: Is there a connection. Australia's Uranium Trade: The Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges of a Contentious Export. (pp. 39-58).
  • Fuhrmann, M. C., & Stulberg, A. N. (2013). Conclusion: What Future for Nuclear Energy?”. The Nuclear Renaissance and International Security. (pp. 321-344). Stanford University Press.
  • Fuhrmann, M. C. (2013). Introduction: Understanding the Nuclear Renaissance. Stulberg, A., & Fuhrmann, M. (Eds.), The Nuclear Renaissance and International Security. (pp. 1-18). Stanford University Press.
Conference Papers1
  • Fuhrmann, M., Kroenig, M., & Sechser, T. S. (2014). The Case for Using Statistics to Study Nuclear Security. 37-54.
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