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AOS: 20th century European Philosophy (esp. French), Phil. of Education, Feminist Phil., Modern Jewish Philosophy

AOC: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion

selected publications
Academic Articles10
  • Eisenstadt, O., & Katz, C. E (2016). The Faceless Palestinian: A History of an Error. Telos. 2016(174), 9-32.
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  • Katz, C. E (2015). The Significance of Narcissism. Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy. 23(2), 50-58.
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  • Katz, C (2009). Review of Denise Egéa-Kuehne, Levinas and Education: at the intersection of faith and reason. Studies in Philosophy and Education. 28(4), 375-381.
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  • Katz, C. E (2006). "The Presence of the Other is a Presence that Teaches": Levinas, Pragmatism, and Pedagogy. The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy. 14(1-2), 91-108.
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  • Katz, C (2006). Jewish Philosophy Today. Philosophy Today. 50(1), 3-5.
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  • Katz, C. E (2013). An Introduction to Modern Jewish Philosophy. I.B.Tauris.
  • Katz, C. E (2014). 8 Philosophy, the Academy, and the Future of Jewish Learning. Supplements to The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy. Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century. 152-171. BRILL.
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  • Katz, C (2012). Turning toward the other: Ethics, fecundity, and the primacy of education. Totality and Infinity at 50. 209-226.
  • Katz, C. E (2004). From eros to maternity: Love, death, and "the feminine" in the philosophy of emmanuel levinas. Women and Gender in Jewish Philosophy. 153-175.
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