Dynamic nitrogen vacancy magnetometry by single-shot optical streaking microscopy | Academic Article individual record

Nitrogen vacancy diamonds have emerged as sensitive solid-state magnetic field sensors capable of producing diffraction limited and sub-diffraction field images. Here, for the first time, to our knowledge, we extend those measurements to high-speed imaging, which can be readily applied to analyze currents and magnetic field dynamics in circuits on a microscopic scale. To overcome detector acquisition rate limitations, we designed an optical streaking nitrogen vacancy microscope to acquire two-dimensional spatiotemporal kymograms. We demonstrate magnetic field wave imaging with micro-scale spatial extent and 400 s temporal resolution. In validating this system, we detected magnetic fields down to 10T for 40Hz magnetic fields using single-shot imaging and captured the spatial transit of an electromagnetic needle at streak rates as high as 110m/ms. This design has the capability to be readily extended to full 3D video acquisition by utilizing compressed sensing techniques and a potential for further improvement of spatial resolution, acquisition speed, and sensitivity. The device opens opportunities to many potential applications where transient magnetic events can be isolated to a single spatial axis, such as acquiring spatially propagating action potentials for brain imaging and remotely interrogating integrated circuits.

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Keppler, M. A., Steelman, Z. A., Coker, Z. N., Nesladek, M., Hemmer, P. R., Yakovlev, V. V., & Bixler, J. N.
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  • Bioengineering
  • Neurosciences