Schneider, Drew Eric (2016-05). Pilot Study of Stand-Biased Desks to Reduce Sedentary Time in High School Students. Master's Thesis. | Thesis individual record

Purpose: The purpose of this pilot study was to identify any difference between sitting and standing time in high school students’ pre and post stand-biased desk intervention. Methods: ActivPal3™ activity monitors were affixed to 25 Bryan Collegiate High School students’ pre and post stand biased-desk intervention. After attrition, 18 of the original 25 students were included in the final analysis. The standing and sitting time data provided by the monitors was compared pre and post stand-biased desk intervention. Results: Descriptive statistics and a two-sided t-test were analyzed to determine any difference between pre and post intervention sitting and standing times. The data analysis indicated a significant reduction of sitting time post stand-biased desk intervention (p<0.0001) and a significant increase in standing time, post stand-biased desk intervention (p<0.0001). Conclusions: Standing desks have the potential to reduce sedentary behavior and increase active behavior for high school students during the school day.

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