Dr. Al-Aboosi has conducted research in the area of sustainable process design and optimization of integrated energy and water systems. Specifically, he has developed new approaches to the design, operation, integration and optimization of hybrid fossil/solar power plants and the integration of these plants within industrial facilities. The design objectives included economic, environmental, technical and safety metrics. These competing objectives must be reconciled and traded off using multi-objective optimization techniques while examining the impact of public policies on the energy portfolio.

Recently, Dr. Al-Aboosi developed a stochastic optimization approach to handling diurnal variability and uncertainty of solar energy in the context of integration with fossil-based systems. Furthermore, hierarchical calculation methodologies have been developed to estimate solar irradiance values, which are necessary for the long-term evaluation to the techno-economic performance of solar energy conversion systems, for a specific location under different sky conditions. He has collaborated with the Petroleum Engineering Group at Texas A&M to develop a comprehensive model for acid jetting under field conditions that utilize the two-scale continuum model for describing acid reactive transport. Additionally, he has worked on the project of improving sustainability and energy performance of existing buildings through solar photovoltaic systems.

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