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UNLABELLED: X-ray crystallography is the most widely used method to determine the 3D structure of protein molecules. One of the most difficult steps in protein crystallography is model-building, which consists of constructing a backbone and then amino acid side chains into an electron density map. Interpretation of electron density maps represents a major bottleneck in protein structure determination pipelines, and thus, automated techniques to interpret maps can greatly improve the throughput. We have developed WebTex, a simple and yet powerful web interface to TEXTAL, a program that automates this process of fitting atoms into electron density maps. TEXTAL can also be downloaded for local installation. AVAILABILITY: Web interface, downloadable binaries and documentation at

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Gopal, K., McKee, E., Romo, T., Pai, R., Smith, J., Sacchettini, J., & Ioerger, T.
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