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Dr. Zhipeng Lu's interests include (1) physical environment design for older people, especially those with Alzheimer's diseases, (2) safety in healthcare setting, (3) telemedicine for behavioral health, (4) advanced technologies to measure human-environment interactions (e.g., VR, eye-tracking, EEG, fNIRS and fMRI), and (5) healthy community to promote physical activities and healthy eating. He has served as PI, Co-PI and Co-I for multiple projects supported by Robertwood Johnson Foundation, NIH and the American Institute of Architects.

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Academic Articles7
  • Wang, W., & Lu, Z. (2022). Influences of Physical Environmental Cues on People With Dementia: A Scoping Review. Journal of Applied Gerontology. 41(4), 1209-1221.
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  • Xie, Q., Lee, C., Lu, Z., & Yuan, X. (2021). Interactions with artificial water features: A scoping review of health-related outcomes. Landscape and Urban Planning. 215, 104191-104191.
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  • Zhu, X., Yu, C., Lee, C., & Lu, Z. (2020). From Walkable Communities to Active Lifestyles: Exploring Causal Pathways through a Case Study in Austin, Texas. Journal of Planning Education and Research. 0739456X1990052-0739456X1990052.
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  • Zhu, X., Yoshikawa, A., Qiu, L., Lu, Z., Lee, C., & Ory, M. (2020). Healthy workplaces, active employees: A systematic literature review on impacts of workplace environments on employees physical activity and sedentary behavior. Building and Environment. 168, 106455-106455.
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