Huang, Jianhua individual record

oNonparametric and semiparametric methods

oStatistical function estimation using polynomial splines

oStatistical methods for longitudinal data/panel data

oMultivariate/functional data analysis

oSurvival analysis, duration data, event history analysis

oStatistics application in business

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  • Lu, M., He, K., Huang, J. Z., & Qian, X. (2018). Principal Component Analysis for Exponential Family Data. Advances in Principal Component Analysis. (pp. 193-223). Springer Singapore.
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  • Martinez, J. G., Huang, J. Z., & Carroll, R. J. (2010). A Note on Using Multiple Singular Value Decompositions to Cluster Complex Intracellular Calcium Ion Signals. Statistical Modelling and Regression Structures. (pp. 419-430). Physica-Verlag HD.
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  • Huang, J. Z., & Stone, C. J. (2003). Extended Linear Modeling with Splines. Denison, D. D., Hansen, M. H., Holmes, C. C., Mallick, B., & Yu, B. (Eds.), Nonlinear Estimation and Classification. (pp. 213-233). Springer New York.
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