TRITHORAX-dependent arginine methylation of HSP68 mediates circadian repression by PERIOD in the monarch butterfly | Academic Article individual record

Significance Circadian repression drives the transcriptional feedback loops that keep circadian (∼24-h) time and synchronize an animal’s physiology and behavior to the daily environmental changes. Although PERIOD (PER) is known to initiate transcriptional repression by displacing the transcription activator CLOCK:BMAL1 from DNA, the underlying mechanism remains unknown. Using the monarch butterfly as a model harboring a simplified version of the mammalian circadian clock, we demonstrate that the binding of heat shock protein 68 (HSP68) to a region homologous to CLOCK mouse exon 19 is essential for CLK–PER interaction and PER repression. We further show that CLK–PER interaction and PER repression are promoted by the methylation of a single arginine methylation site (R45) on HSP68 via TRITHORAX catalytic activity.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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Zhang, Y., Iiams, S. E., Menet, J. S., Hardin, P. E., & Merlin, C
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