Choosing good distance metrics and local planners for probabilistic roadmap methods | Conference Paper individual record

1998 IEEE. This paperpresents a cumpurative evuluatiun uf different distance metrics and local planners within the context of probabilistic roadmap methods for motion planning. Both C-space and Workspace distance metrics and local planners are considered. The study concentrates on cluttered three-dimensional Workspaces typical, e.g., of mechanical designs. Our results include recommendations for selecting appropriate combinations of distance metrics and local planners for use in motion planning methods, particularly probabilistic roadmap methods. We find that each local planner makes some connections than none of the others do-indicating that better connected roadmaps will be constructed using multiple localplanners. We propose a new local planning method we cull rotate-at-s that outperforms the common straight-line in C-space method in crowded environments.

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Amato, N. M., Bayazit, O. B., Dale, L. K., Jones, C., Vallejo, D., & IEEE, ..
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