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  • James, M. C., Williams, J. A., Daz Beltrn, A. C., Vsquez Neshyba, M., Ogletree, Q., & Young, J (2021). The Equity Paradox Typology: An Application of Critical Race Methodology to Redress Racial Harm Against Faculty of Color. Qualitative Inquiry. 27(10), 1221-1232.
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  • Ogletree, Q., & Larke, P. J (2010). Implementing Multicultural Practices in Early Childhood Education. National Forum of Multicultural Issues Journal. 7(1), 1-9.
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  • Williams, K. V., & Ogletree, Q. (2018). Intersections of race and class in preservice teacher education: Advancing Educational Equity. Carter, N. P., & Vavrus, M. (Eds.), Intersectionality of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in Teaching and Teacher Education Movement toward Equity in Education. 44-56. BRILL.
  • Ogletree, Q. (2016). I am not alone: Overcoming abuse and rejection. Ford, D. Y., Davis, J. L., Scott, M. T., & Sealey-Ruiz, Y. (Eds.), Gumbo for the Soul Liberating Memoirs and Stories to Inspire Females of Color. 249-251. Information Age Publishing, Inc..
  • Scarlett, W. G (2014). Underachievement and African American Students. Scarlett, W. G. (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Classroom Management. 851-853. SAGE Publications Inc..
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