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  • Bartanen, B. (2020). Principal Quality and Student Attendance. EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER. 0013189X1989870-0013189X1989870.
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  • Grissom, J. A., & Bartanen, B. (2019). Principal Effectiveness and Principal Turnover. EDUCATION FINANCE AND POLICY. 14(3), 355-382.
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  • Grissom, J. A., Bartanen, B., & Mitani, H. (2019). Principal Sorting and the Distribution of Principal Quality. AERA Open. 5(2), 233285841985009-233285841985009.
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  • Grissom, J. A., & Bartanen, B. (2019). Strategic Retention: Principal Effectiveness and Teacher Turnover in Multiple-Measure Teacher Evaluation Systems. AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL. 56(2), 514-555.
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  • Bartanen, B., Grissom, J. A., & Rogers, L. K. (2019). The Impacts of Principal Turnover. EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION AND POLICY ANALYSIS. 41(3), 350-374.
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