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  • Nabil, A. K., Barry, A. E., Kum, H., & Ohsfeldt, R. L. (2022). Actual and perceived E-cigarettes behaviors among a national sample of U.S. college students. Journal of American College Health. 1-9.
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  • Anyatonwu, S. C., Giannouchos, T. V., Washburn, D. J., Quinonez, R. A., Ohsfeldt, R. L., & Kum, H. (2022). Predictors of Pediatric Frequent Emergency Department Use Among 7.6 million Pediatric Patients in New York. Academic Pediatrics.
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  • Giannouchos, T. V., Kum, H., Gary, J., Ohsfeldt, R., & Morrisey, M. (2021). The Effect of the Medicaid Expansion on Frequent Emergency Department Use in New York. The Journal of Emergency Medicine. 61(6), 749-762.
  • Wagle, N. S., Park, S., Washburn, D., Ohsfeldt, R. L., Rich, N. E., Singal, A. G., & Kum, H. (2021). Racial, Ethnic, and Socioeconomic Disparities in Curative Treatment Receipt and Survival in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Hepatology Communications.
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  • Karim, M. A., Singal, A. G., Ohsfeldt, R. L., Morrisey, M. A., & Kum, H. (2021). Health services utilization, out‐of‐pocket expenditure, and underinsurance among insured non‐elderly cancer survivors in the United States, 2011–2015. Cancer Medicine. 10(16), 5513-5523.
  • Ohsfeldt, R. L., & Schneider, J. E (2006). The Business of Health The Role of Competition, Markets, and Regulation. AEI Press.
  • Ohsfeldt, R. L., Boyle, R. G., & Capilouto, E. L. (1999). Tobacco Taxes, Smoking Restrictions, and Tobacco Use. Chaloupka, F. J., Grossman, M., Bickel, W. K., & Saffer, H. (Eds.), The Economic Analysis of Substance Use and Abuse: An Integration of Econometrics and Behavioral Economic Research. 15-29. University of Chicago Press.
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  • Clemmer, R., Kenkel, D., Ohsfeldt, R. L., & Webb, W. (1994). Household Health Production, Property Values, and the Value of Health. Tolley, G., Kenkel, D., & Fabian, R. (Eds.), Valuing Health for Policy An Economic Approach. 105-117. University of Chicago Press.
  • Gohmann, S., & Ohsfeldt, R. L. (1994). US Senate voting on abortion legislation: A more direct test for ideological shirking. Zerbe, R. O. (Eds.), Research in Law and Economics, Volume 16. 175-196. Jai Pr.
  • Ohsfeldt, R. L. (1993). Contractual Arrangements, Financial Incentives, and Physician-Patient Relationships. Clair, J. M., & Allman, R. M. (Eds.), Sociomedical Perspectives on Patient Care. 96-113. University Press of Kentucky.
Conference Papers40
  • Karim, M., Nabil, A. K., Khodakarami, N., Kum, H. C., Foster, M. J., & Ohsfeldt, R. L,Karim, M., Nabil, A. K., Khodakarami, N., Kum, H. C., Foster, M. J., & Ohsfeldt, R. L. (2020). ECONOMIC EVALUATION OF EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR RECEPTOR - TYROSINE KINASE INHIBITOR (EGFR-TKI) DRUGS IN NON-SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER (NSCLC) TREATMENT: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF RECENT STUDIES. VALUE IN HEALTH. 23, S46-S46.
  • Karim, M., Ohsfeldt, R. L., Singal, A. G., & Kum, H. (2020). Abstract 4340: Out-of-pocket expenditure, probability of underinsurance and health services utilization among non-elderly cancer survivors. Cancer Research. 80(16_Supplement), 4340-4340.
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  • Choi, D., Kum, H., Park, S., Ohsfeldt, R., & Singal, A. G (2018). HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA SCREENING IS UNDERUSED IN AT-RISK PATIENTS. GASTROENTEROLOGY. 154(6), S1218-S1218.
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