My research focuses on the teaching and learning process, the change process, and the study of evaluation. Scholarly engagement revolves around dissemination of new knowledge in these areas, often as a result of grant-funded projects. Venues for my scholarship include journal articles, conference papers, conference abstracts, conference and meeting presentations, and educational media.

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Academic Articles41
  • Strong, R., Dooley, K., Murphrey, T., Strong, J., Elbert, C., & Baker, M. (2021). The EVAL framework: Developing impact evaluation scholars. Advancements in Agricultural Development. 2(3), 1-13.
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  • Lane, K., & Murphrey, T. (2020). Benefits of and Best Practices for International Experiences for College Students: A Synthesis of the Literature. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education. 27(4), 39-61.
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  • Norris, S. L., Leggette, H., Siptak, H., Herring, A., & Murphrey, T. (2019). 423 Whats the beef with communication? Investigating communication styles of advanced animal science students. Journal of Animal Science. 97(Supplement_3), 180-181.
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  • Norris, S., Murphrey, T., & Leggette, H. (2019). Do They Believe They Can Communicate? Assessing College Students Perceived Ability to Communicate About Agricultural Sciences. Journal of Agricultural Education. 60(4),
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Conference Papers1
  • Sandlin, M. R., Murphrey, T. P., Dooley, K. E., Lindner, J. R., Lombardini, L., & Lineberger, D. (2013). Extending the International Experience into the Horticulture Classroom: The Creation and Use of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs). HORTSCIENCE. 48(9), S23-S24.
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open teaching materials
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