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My research interests include corporate governance, director selection and mobility, and the management of resource dependencies through the board of directors.

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Academic Articles14
  • Boivie, S., Withers, M. C., Graffin, S. D., & Corley, K. G. (2021). Corporate directors' implicit theories of the roles and duties of boards. Strategic Management Journal. 42(9), 1662-1695.
  • Chirico, F., Gmez-Mejia, L. R., Hellerstedt, K., Withers, M., & Nordqvist, M (2020). To Merge, Sell, or Liquidate? Socioemotional Wealth, Family Control, and the Choice of Business Exit. Journal of Management. 46(8), 1342-1379.
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  • Withers, M. C., Howard, M. D., & Tihanyi, L. (2020). Youve Got a Friend: Examining Board Interlock Formation After Financial Restatements. Organization Science. 31(3), 742-769.
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  • Andrus, J. L., Withers, M. C., Courtright, S. H., & Boivie, S (2019). Go your own way: Exploring the causes of top executive turnover. Strategic Management Journal. 40(7), 1151-1168.
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  • Zona, F., Gomez-Mejia, L. R., & Withers, M. C (2018). Board Interlocks and Firm Performance: Toward a Combined AgencyResource Dependence Perspective. Journal of Management. 44(2), 589-618.
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Conference Papers2
  • Withers, M. C., Sirmon, D., Tuggle, C., & Carnes, C. M (2014). Competing from the board room: How the board affects a firms competitive dynamics. Academy of Management Proceedings. 2014(1), 11575-11575.
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  • Withers, M. C., & Hillman, A. J (2008). Director identities and the role of the board in organizational turnaround. Academy of Management 2008 Annual Meeting: The Questions We Ask, AOM 2008.
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