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Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
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Academic Articles3
  • Huseman, C., Walker, N., McCorkle, D. A., Hanselka, D., Cater, M., & Zoller, J (2021). Early Evidence of the Economic Effects of COVID-19 on the Horse Show Industry in 2020. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 106, 103734-103734.
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  • O'Reilly, C., Zoller, J., Sigler, D., Vogelsang, M., Sawyer, J., & Fluckey, J (2021). Rider Energy Expenditure During High Intensity Horse Activity.. J Equine Vet Sci. 102, 103463-103463.
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  • Cavinder, C. A., Zoller, J. L., Briers, G., & Sigler, D. H. (2010). Sexual Behavior and Blood Hormone Profiles Around the Time of Ejaculation and Subsequent Sperm Characteristics in Stallions. The Professional Animal Scientist. 26(5), 540-546.
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Conference Papers1
  • Chase, C., Rude, B., Cavinder, C., Zoller, J., & Burnett, D (2018). Effect of forage quality on muscle glycogen utilization by exercised horses. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 96, 248-248.
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