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My research and teaching interests span aesthetics and philosophy of art, environmental ethics, eighteenth-century philosophy, environmental humanities, and animal studies. My philosophical approach moves between the historical and contemporary, as I seek to interpret past thinking about nature, environment, and the arts for a contemporary context. In current research, I explore interactions between aesthetics and ethics, specifically through other-regarding attitudes toward the natural world, e.g., forms of aesthetic attention, humility, wonder, natural beauty, and the sublime. In earlier work, I focused on the place of imagination, perception, and emotion in aesthetic experience of environment.

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  • Brady, E., Brook, I., & Prior, J. (2018). Between Nature and Culture The Aesthetics of Modified Environments. Global Aesthetic Research.
  • Brady, E. (2013). The sublime in modern philosophy: Aesthetics, ethics, and nature. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Brady, E. (2017). Climate change and future aesthetics. Climate Change and the Humanities: Historical, Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Contemporary Environmental Crisist. (pp. 201-220). Palgrave Macmillan UK.
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  • Brady, E. (2015). Aesthetic regard for nature in environmental and land art. Geographical Aesthetics: Imagining Space, Staging Encounters. (pp. 197-210).
  • Brady, E. (2015). The environmental sublime. The Sublime: From Antiquity to the Present. (pp. 171-182). Cambridge University Press.
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  • Brady, E. (2014). Aesthetic value and wild animals. Environmental Aesthetics: Crossing Divides and Breaking Ground. (pp. 188-200).
  • Brady, E. (2012). Smells, tastes, and everyday aesthetics. The Philosophy of Food. (pp. 69-86).
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