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  • Yim, R., Castaneda, J., Doolen, T., Tumer, I., & Malak, R. (2015). A study of the impact of project classification on project risk indicators. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT. 33(4), 863-876.
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  • Yim, R. L., Castaneda, J. M., Doolen, T. L., Tumer, I. Y., & Malak, R. (2015). Exploring the Relationship between Rework Projects and Risk Indicators. Project Management Journal. 46(4), 63-75.
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  • Galvan, E., & Malak, R. J. (2015). P3GA: An Algorithm for Technology Characterization. Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME. 137(1),
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  • Peraza-Hernandez, E. A., Hartl, D. J., Malak, R. J., & Lagoudas, D. C. (2014). Origami-inspired active structures: a synthesis and review. SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES. 23(9), 094001-094001.
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  • Hartl, D., Lagoudas, D., Malak, R., Frecker, M., & Ounaies, Z. (2014). Active materials and structures for origami engineering. SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES. 23(9), 090201-090201.
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