Pancharatnam, Padmaja (2014-08). Three Essays on the Relationship between Economic Development and Environmental Quality. Doctoral Dissertation. | Thesis individual record

This thesis is concerned with examining the relationship between indicators of
economic growth and environmental quality. During this process, the analysis explores and
attempts to interlink the following theoretical and empirical frameworks: Angelsen and
Kaimowitz's theories for deforestation, the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) hypothesis
and the forest transition theory. Macro-level data are used to examine the implications of
these frameworks. The implications of the first essay suggest that different crops have a
different impact on rate of change of agricultural land use. The second analysis suggests that
the results from a Directed Acyclical Graph Approach present a uni-directional causal
relationship between income and pollution emissions. The third and final essay suggests that
property rights structures and economic incentives appear to be the most probable
explanations for the forest transition in India. The macro-level nature of the data sets
employed provides information on the broad trends and patterns. For policy
recommendations, a more detailed and specific analysis needs to be carried out concentrating
on a certain region.

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