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Dr Qu's primary research areas include nonprofit finance, philanthropy, and prosocial behavior. Her research covers a range of topics that have practical implications for capacity building and resource development of nonprofit organizations. These include nonprofit revenue management, nonprofit endowment management, nonprofit financial reporting and accountability, charitable giving, volunteering, as well as effects of pro-social behavior on people's health and wellbeing.

selected publications
Academic Articles9
  • Qu, H., & Paarlberg, L. E. (2021). Community Diversity and Donor Control: An Empirical Analysis of Contributions to Donor-Advised Funds at Community Foundations. Administration & Society. 009539972110357-009539972110357.
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  • Qu, H. (2020). Background risk and nonprofit endowment portfolio volatility. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. 31(1), 11-32.
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  • Qu, H., & Daniel, J. L. (2020). Is “Overhead” A Tainted Word? A Survey Experiment Exploring Framing Effects of Nonprofit Overhead on Donor Decision. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 50(2), 397-419.
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  • Qu, H., Steinberg, R., & Burger, R. (2020). Abiding by the Law? Using Benford’s Law to Examine the Accuracy of Nonprofit Financial Reports. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 49(3), 548-570.
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  • Qu, H., Konrath, S., & Poulin, M. (2020). Which types of giving are associated with reduced mortality risk among older adults?. Personality and Individual Differences. 154, 109668-109668.
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  • Qu, H. (2020). Endowment for a rainy day? An empirical analysis of endowment spending by operating public charities. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. 31(3), 571-594.
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  • Qu, H., & Steinberg, R. (2017). Charitable Giving in Nonprofit Service Associations: Identities, Incentives, and Gender Differences. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 46(5), 984-1005.
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  • Qu, H., & Osili, U. (2017). Beyond Grantmaking. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 46(2), 305-329.
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