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  • Hames, J. L., Bell, D. J., Perez-Lima, L. M., Holm-Denoma, J. M., Rooney, T., Charles, N. E., ... Hoersting, R. C (2020). Navigating uncharted waters: Considerations for training clinics in the rapid transition to telepsychology and telesupervision during COVID-19.. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration. 30(2), 348-365.
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  • Simmons, K. T., Douglas, D. Y., & Perdue, E (2018). From Medicine to Education: Adapting Simulation-Based Training to the Professional Development Training Models for Educators. Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders. 04(02),
  • Simmons, K. T., & Douglas, D. Y (2018). After the Storm: Helping Children Cope with Trauma after Natural Disasters. Communique. 46(5), 23-25.
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  • Cook, K. T. (2007). Child Find. Reynolds, C. R., & Fletcher-Janzen, E. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Special Education, 3rd Edition. Wiley.
  • Doss, A. J., Cook, K. T., & McLeod, B. D. (2007). Diagnostic Issues. Hersen, M., & Reitman, D. (Eds.), Handbook of Psychological Assessment, Case Conceptualization, and Treatment, Volume 2: Children and Adolescents. 25-52. Wiley.
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