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My primary research, teaching and consulting interests are manufacturing and inventory systems as well as service operations, with emphasis on enterprise resource planning/supply chain management and health care systems management.

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Academic Articles10
  • Li, B. o., Ji, Q., & Arreola-Risa, A. (2020). Optimizing a production-inventory system under a cost target. 123, 105015-105015.
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  • Li, B. o., & Arreola‐Risa, A. (2020). On minimizing downside risk in make‐to‐stock, risk‐averse firms. 68(2), 199-213.
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  • FAALAND, B. H., SCHMITT, T. G., & ARREOLA-RISA, A. (2004). Economic lot scheduling with lost sales and setup times. 36(7), 629-640.
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  • Doerr, K. H., & Arreola-Risa, A. (2000). A worker-based approach for modeling variability in task completion times. 32(7), 625-636.
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  • Arreola-Risa, A. (1998). On Inventory Abatement via Manufacturing Randomness Reductions*. 29(4), 983-1004.
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  • Gaspar, J., Arreola-Risa, A., Bierman, L., Hise, R., & Kolari, J. (2013). Introduction to Global Business: Understanding the International Environment & Global Business Functions. Cengage Learning.
  • Risa, A. A., & Risa, J. (2005). Programacion Lineal Una Introduccion a la toma de Decisiones Cuantitativa. Cengage Learning Editores.
  • Gaspar, J., Bierman, L., Kolari, J., Hise, R., Smith, L., & Arreola-Risa, A. (2005). Introduction to Business. Cengage Learning.
Conference Papers1
  • Arreola-Risa, A., INST, D., & INST, D. (1998). Inventory management for a multi-item production-inventory system. 1349-1351.
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