Optical modulation in hybrid antiresonant hollow-core fiber infiltrated with vanadium dioxide phase change nanocrystals. | Academic Article individual record

We present a study of optical modulation by the effect of temperature-induced insulator-to-metal phase transition of vanadium dioxide (VO2) nanocrystals deposited in an antiresonance hollow-core fiber (AR-HCF). We fabricate such a VO2-coated fiber by embedding alkylsilane functionalized VO2 nanocrystals into the air holes of an AR-HCF. With this fiber, we achieve an optical loss modulation of 60% at a temperature above 53C over an ultrabroad spectral range that encompasses the S+C+L band.

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Opt Lett

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Huang, Q., Ghimire, I., Yang, J., Fleer, N., Chiang, K. S., Wang, Y., ... Lee, H.
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