Searching Systematically and Comprehensively | Chapter individual record

The reviewer transforms the integrative review question into a search strategy to comprehensively locate relevant literature, documenting each step of the search process so that it is transparent and replicable. To organize the search process, the reviewer makes use of tools such as citation management software and reporting frameworks. The reviewer is then able to report in detail how the search was conducted, so that those reading the review will find a clearly defined process. This chapter provides detail about steps and methods to consider during the search process when conducting a review.

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Lawless, J., & Foster, M. J.
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Toronto, C. E., & Remington, R.
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  • Search Strategy
  • Integrative Review
  • Reporting Search
  • Screening Results
  • Organizing Search
  • Search Methods
  • Librarian Role
  • Documenting Search
  • Selecting Databases
  • Gray Literature