Metzler, Jake R. (2022-05). 1255 LIVING. Master's Thesis. | Thesis individual record

A mixed-use development is a combination of multiple programmatic functions that can promote walkability, create vibrant living and working environments, offer affordable housing, increase economic mechanism growth, and diversify communities while strengthening a city. 1255 Living is a final study proposal, in response to, The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) TIMBER IN THE CITY 4: Urban Habitats Competition. The competition introduces a selected site located in Atlanta, Georgia that sits directly on top and replaces a single use of the Arts Center Marta Station. The public transportation site offers both unique and challenging opportunities based on its location setting, surrounding functions, and typography. 1255 Living is an inventive design that explores creative design concepts to blend architecture, art, landscape, and technology by unique user experiences and function. The project proposes an emphasis on the interrelationships between urban vertical housing, innovated design solutions, sustainable strategies, and car free living and working environments. Through an influence of multiple typology integrations, excavation of the site, and removal of a current pedestrian bridge has generated a unique design proposal and approach that focuses on the interactions between the primary programmatic categories: residential living, urban market, and community use. 1255 Living's contemporary design, elegant aesthetics, and strategic use with the local North Georgia Timber harvesting mill can optimally serve as the driving force for a socially, culturally diverse, innovative timber model for a sustainable urban habitat in Midtown Atlanta. This project is inspired by the thriving Arts Center Marta Station and how urbanized living can integrate itself to the flow of public transit, circulation, and function.

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