One-dimensional coherent four-wave mixing as a way to image the spatial distribution of atoms in a laser-produced plasma | Academic Article individual record

An experimental technique based on coherent one-dimensional four-wave mixing (FWM) with hyper-Raman resonances has been developed for line-by-line imaging of the atomic distribution of excited atoms in a low-temperature plasma of optical breakdown. Investigation of the influence of phase mismatch and one-photon absorption on FWM in a laser-produced plasma demonstrates that FWM images of atomic spatial distributions free of distortions due to phase mismatch and absorption can be obtained for certain stages of plasma expansion. The sensitivity and spatial resolution of FWM imaging of atoms in a laser-produced plasma are estimated.

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Akimov, D. A., Fedotov, A. B., Koroteev, N. I., Miles, R. B., Naumov, A. N., Sidorov-Biryukov, D. A., & Zheltikov, A. M.
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