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  • Sewell, R. R., Potvin, S., Melgoza, P., Creel, J. S., Huff, J. T., Bailey, G. T., ... Wright, B. J. (2019). When a Repository Is Not Enough: Redesigning a Digital Ecosystem to Serve Scholarly Communication. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. 7(1),
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  • Potvin, S. (2017). And Who Will Review the Review(er)s?. COLLEGE & RESEARCH LIBRARIES. 78(6), 734-740.
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  • Long, K., Thompson, S., Potvin, S., & Rivero, M. (2017). The "Wicked Problem" of Neutral Description: Toward a Documentation Approach to Metadata Standards. CATALOGING & CLASSIFICATION QUARTERLY. 55(3), 107-128.
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  • Mauro, A., Powell, D., Potvin, S., Heil, J., Dye, E., Jenkins, B., & Grigar, D. (2017). Towards a Seamful Design of Networked Knowledge: Practical Pedagogies in Collaborative Teams. DIGITAL HUMANITIES QUARTERLY. 11(3),
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  • Potvin, S., & Sare, L. (2016). Public Goods and Public Interests: Scholarly Communication and Government Documents in Research Libraries. PORTAL-LIBRARIES AND THE ACADEMY. 16(2), 417-441.
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  • Scott, B. R. (2011). Capitalism and Democracy. Scott, B. (Eds.), Capitalism: Its Origins and Evolution as a System of Governance. 67-110. Spinger.
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  • Scott, B. R. (2011). Creating Capitalism and Democracy in the United States, 16301830. Scott, B. (Eds.), Capitalism: Its Origins and Evolution as a System of Governance. 227-276. Spinger.
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  • Anderson, G., & Herr, K. (2007). Mencken, H. L. (18801956). Anderson, G. L., & Herr, K. G. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice. 938-938. Sage Publications, Inc..
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  • Roberts, A., Potvin, S., Hankins, R., Gatson, S., Laddusaw, S., Muise, I., ... Davis, C. B. (2021). The Gulf Coast Heritage Preparedness Initiative: Proposal to the Texas A&M University President's Excellence Fund.
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  • Hankins, R., Earhart, A., Ives, M., & Potvin, S. (2016). A Catalyst for Social Activism: The Digital Black Bibliography Project.
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  • Hankins, R., Potvin, S., Earhart, A., & Ives, M. (2016). Are We Having Fun Yet.
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  • Herbert, B., Potvin, S., & Budzise-Weaver, T. (2016). Best Practices for the Use of Scholarly Impact Metrics.
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  • Keralis, S., Grumbach, E., & Potvin, S (2019). The Boilerplate Problem in Data Management Plans.
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