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My research focuses on International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Methods. In particular, I am interested in estimating and analyzing reputation effects in both internal and interstate conflicts. The rest of my research agenda focuses on developing tools for estimating formal model of conflict.

selected publications
Academic Articles5
  • Crisman-Cox, C. (2022). Democracy, reputation for resolve, and civil conflict. JOURNAL OF PEACE RESEARCH. 59(3), 382-394.
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  • Crisman-Cox, C. (2021). Estimating Substantive Effects in Binary Outcome Panel Models: A Comparison. JOURNAL OF POLITICS. (2), 532-546.
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  • Crisman-Cox, C., & Gibilisco, M. (2021). Estimating signaling games in international relations: problems and solutions. POLITICAL SCIENCE RESEARCH AND METHODS. (3), 565-582.
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  • Crisman-Cox, C., & Gibilisco, M. (2018). Audience Costs and the Dynamics of War and Peace. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE. 62(3), 566-580.
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  • Crisman-Cox, C. (2018). Enemies within: Interactions between Terrorists and Democracies. JOURNAL OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION. (8), 1661-1685.
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