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Building Complex I-O-N is located on the western slope of Vronda, approximately 20 m west of Building C-D and 25 m northwest of Building G (Figs. 1, 3; Pl. 11A; Gesell, Day, and Coulson 1988, 293; 1995, 82–91; Gesell, Coulson, and Day 1991, 163–167; Glowacki 2002; 2004; 2007; McEnroe 2010, 148–150). Three different buildings were recognized in this complex (Figs. 64, 65): Building I on the east consisting of five rooms and a courtyard to the north; Building O, of which four rooms were identified, on a terrace down from Building I to the west; and Building

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Kavousi IIB: The Late Minoan IIIC Settlement at Vronda. The Buildings on the Periphery

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Glowacki, K. T., Dierckx, H., Flint-Hamilton, K., Reese, D. S., Snyder, L. M., Day, L. P., & Evans, M. E.
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Day, L. P., & Gesell, G. C..
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International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 13
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