A Cyber-Physical Modeling and Assessment Framework for Power Grid Infrastructures | Academic Article individual record

The integration of cyber communications and control systems into the power grid infrastructure is widespread and has a profound impact on the operation, reliability, and efficiency of the grid. Cyber technologies allow for efficient management of the power system, but they may contain vulnerabilities that need to be managed. One important possible consequence is the introduction of cyber-induced or cyber-enabled disruptions of physical components. In this paper, we propose an online framework for assessing the operational reliability impacts due to threats to the cyber infrastructure. This framework is an important step toward addressing the critical challenge of understanding and analyzing complex cyber-physical systems at scale.

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Davis, K. R., Davis, C. M., Zonouz, S. A., Bobba, R. B., Berthier, R., Garcia, L., & Sauer, P. W.
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  • Cyber Communications
  • Assessment Framework
  • Cyber-physical Topology
  • Cyberphysical Systems
  • Analytical Models
  • Power Engineering Computing
  • Topology
  • Security
  • Power Grids
  • Cyber-physical Modeling
  • Power System Reliability
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Security Of Data
  • Operational Reliability Impacts
  • Reliability
  • Cyber-physical Systems
  • Control System
  • Cyber Security
  • Attack Trees
  • Object Oriented Modeling
  • Power Grid Infrastructures
  • Operational Reliability
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