FreeStyle: A Sketch-Based Wireframing Tool | Chapter individual record

User interfaces have classically involved WIMP (windows, icons, mouse, and pointing) paradigm. Current wireframing tools in the early stages of web interface design focus on using drag-and-drop features, that is, selecting elements from a menu and inserting them in the interface. Most designers prefer to sketch early interface ideas on paper. A system that allows them to draw sketches would make the process more intuitive, thus going beyond traditional methods of website interface designing. We have developed an interactive tool called FreeStyle that allows designers the ability to quickly sketch a web-based interface electronically. The designer can draw web-based HTML elements on the canvas and in response, FreeStyle transforms the sketch into an interface. Additionally, we also provide the functionality of downloading the code developed from the sketch.

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Narendra, S., Dey, S., Coad, J., Polsley, S., & Hammond, T.
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Hammond, T., Prasad, M., & Stepanova, A.
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