iCanTrace: Avatar Personalization Through Selfie Sketches | Chapter individual record

This chapter introduces a novel system that allows users to generate customized cartoon avatars through a sketching interface. The rise of social media and personalized gaming has given a need for personalized virtual appearances. Avatars, self-curated and customized images to represent oneself, have become a common means of expressing oneself in these new media. Avatar creation platforms face the challenges of granting user significant control over the avatar creation and of encumbering the user with too many choices in their avatar customization. This chapter demonstrates a sketch-guided avatar customization system and its potential to simplify the avatar creation process.

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Berman, A., Gottumukkala, L., Huo, Z., Polsley, S., Quek, F., & Hammond, T.
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Hammond, T., Prasad, M., & Stepanova, A.
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