Dietary Enzyme Supplementation in Duck Nutrition: A review | Academic Article individual record

© 2019 Poultry Science Association Inc. Ducks have traditionally been a relatively small component of the global poultry industry but recent growth has been noted. As consumption has risen worldwide, the efficiency of duck meat production has become increasingly important. The nutritional formula is a critical economic factor because feed accounts for a major portion of the cost of raising poultry. The determination of optimal duck nutrition is necessary to attain the best live performance for ducks to maximize the productivity of duck meat. However, our understanding of the effects of feed additives in duck diets is still far behind our understanding of that in chickens. Enzyme additives in animal feed have been used in the poultry industry since the late 1980s, but there has been a lack of research effort into how enzymes can be applied in the duck industry. This review synthesizes the available information regarding enzyme studies with ducks. After reviewing the available information, it is concluded that it is worth further examination of how enzymes can be used to improve duck nutrition in the future. Enzyme studies are important because they are useful tools for improving the duck meat industry by allowing more efficient utilization of nutrients in feedstuffs and reducing the negative impacts of detrimental components in standard and alternative feed ingredients.

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Park, J., & Carey, J. B.
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  • Non-starch Polysaccharides
  • Feed Additive
  • Duck Nutrition
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