ServDroid: Detecting Service Usage Inefficiencies in Android Applications | Conference Paper individual record

© 2019 ACM. Services in Android applications are frequently-used components for performing time-consuming operations in the background. While services play a crucial role in the app performance, our study shows that service uses in practice are not as efficient as expected, e.g., they tend to cause unnecessary resource occupation and/or energy consumption. Moreover, as service usage inefficiencies do not manifest with immediate failures, e.g., app crashes, existing testing-based approaches fall short in finding them. In this paper, we identify four anti-patterns of such service usage inefficiency bugs, including premature create, late destroy, premature destroy, and service leak, and present a static analysis technique, ServDroid, to automatically and effectively detect them based on the anti-patterns. We have applied ServDroid to a large collection of popular real-world Android apps. Our results show that, surprisingly, service usage inefficiencies are prevalent and can severely impact the app performance.

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Song, W., Zhang, J., & Huang, J.
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  • Service Usage Inefficiency
  • Android App
  • Static Analysis
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