My research focuses on environmental chemistry, petroleum geochemistry, and general organic chemistry.

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  • Mcdonald, T. J., Kennicutt, M. C., Brooks, J. M., & Fay, R. R. (2013). Volatile organic compounds associated with petroleum seepage in surficial Gulf of Mexico Sediments. Whelan, J. K., & Farrington, J. W. (Eds.), Organic Matter: Productivity, Accumulation, and Preservation in Recent and Ancient Sediments. (pp. 433-452). Columbia University Press.
  • McDonald, S. J., Wade, T. L., Brooks, J. M., & Mcdonald, T. J. (1991). Assessing the Exposure of Fish to a Petroleum Spill in Galveston Bay, Texas. Wrobel, L. C., & Brebbia, C. A. (Eds.), Water Pollution: Modelling, Measuring and Prediction. (pp. 707-718). Springer Netherlands.
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