My research focuses on environmental chemistry, petroleum geochemistry, and general organic chemistry.

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  • Brooks, J. M., Kennicutt, M. C., Wade, T. L., Hart, A. D., Denoux, G. J., & McDonald, T. J. (1990). Hydrocarbon distributions around a shallow water multiwell platform. Environmental science & technology. 24(7), 1079-1085.
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  • Kvenvolden, K. A., Golan-Bac, M., McDonald, T. J., Pflaum, R. C., & Brooks, J. M. (1989). Hydrocarbon gases in sediment of the Voring Plateau, Norwegian Sea. 319-326.
  • Kvenvolden, K. A., & McDonald, T. J. (1989). Organic geochemistry on Leg 104. 291-307.
  • McDonald, T. J., Kennicutt, M. C., Brooks, J. M., & Kvenvolden, K. A. (1989). Organic matter at Sites 642, 643 and 644, ODP Leg 104. 309-317.
  • McDonald, T. J., Kennicutt, M. C., & Brooks, J. M. (1988). Volatile organic compounds at a coastal Gulf of Mexico site. CHEMOSPHERE. 17(1), 123-136.
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