Adjustable footrest for adjustable-height desk | Patent individual record

An adjustable desk has base members or sidewalls supporting the desk on a surface. Each sidewall has at least one support movably vertically relative to the sidewall. A tabletop is disposed above the base member and is supported on the supports. A footrest is disposed between the base members beneath the tabletop and can move between a back position toward a back of the desk and a front position toward a front of the desk. One or more mechanisms operatively couple to at least one of the supports and to the footrest. The one or more mechanisms move the at least one support vertically relative to the base member to raise and lower the tabletop relative to the sidewall. Likewise, the one or more mechanisms move the footrest between the back and front positions. Preferably, movement of the footrest is coordinated with the movement of the tabletop so that the footrest moves to the front position when the tabletop is raised for standing and moves to the back position when the tabletop is lowered for sitting.

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Benden, M. E.
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