Dr. Genhua Niu is a professor in Urban Agriculture at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center in Dallas. Her research focuses on the development of culture information and best management practices related to urban agriculture, which is the science of crop production in an urban setting using a variety of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technologies in an urban setting. Prior to this position, Dr. Niu was a professor in urban landscape water conservation at Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center in El Paso. Up to October 2019, Dr. Niu has published 131 refereed journal papers, 18 book chapters, 49 proceedings papers, and 23 technical extension articles and edited 3 books. She is the author and editor for the Plant Factory - Indoor Vertical Farming book. She has received several awards from American Society for Horticultural Science, USDA-NIFA, and Texas A&M University.

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Academic Articles117
  • Liu, Q., Sun, Y., Altland, J., & Niu, G. (2020). Morphological and Physiological Responses of Cornus alba to Salt and Drought Stresses under Greenhouse Conditions. HORTSCIENCE. 55(2), 224-230.
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  • Xiong, H., Zou, F., Yuan, D., Tan, X., Yuan, J., Liao, T., & Niu, G. (2019). Comparison of self- and cross-pollination in pollen tube growth, early ovule development and fruit set of Camellia grijsii. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology. 21(4), 819-826.
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  • Rawat, S., Adisa, I. O., Wang, Y. i., Sun, Y., Fadil, A. S., Niu, G., ... Gardea-Torresdey, J. L. (2019). Differential physiological and biochemical impacts of nano vs micron Cu at two phenological growth stages in bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) plant. NANOIMPACT. 14, 100161-100161.
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  • Cheng, Y., He, D., He, J., Niu, G., & Gao, R. (2019). Effect of Light/Dark Cycle on Photosynthetic Pathway Switching and CO2 Absorption in Two Dendrobium Species.. Front Plant Sci. 10, 659.
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  • Niu, G., & Sun, Y. (2019). Salt tolerance in roses - a review. International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).
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  • Kozai, T., & Niu, G. (2016). Introduction. Elsevier.
  • Kozai, T., Niu, G., & Takagaki, M. (2016). Preface. Elsevier.
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  • Kozai, T., & Niu, G. (2016). Challenges for the Next-Generation PFAL. Plant Factory. 387-393. Elsevier.
  • Kozai, T., & Niu, G. (2016). Conclusions. Plant Factory. 395-399. Elsevier.
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  • Niu, G., Kozai, T., & Sabeh, N. (2016). Physical Environmental Factors and Their Properties. Plant Factory. 129-140. Elsevier.
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  • Kozai, T., & Niu, G. (2016). Plant Factory as a Resource-Efficient Closed Plant Production System. Plant Factory. 69-90. Elsevier.
  • Kozai, T., & Niu, G. (2016). Role of the Plant Factory With Artificial Lighting (PFAL) in Urban Areas. Plant Factory. 7-33. Elsevier.
Conference Papers18
  • Masabni, J. G., Niu, G., Jifon, J., Leskovar, D. I., & Djidonou, D. (2019). Productivity of Asian Vegetables in South and Northeast Texas. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S334-S335.
  • Jochum, M., Gaire, S. P., Niu, G., & Jo, Y. K. (2017). Bioprospecting rhizobacteria to improve drought resistance in grasses. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 107(12), 2-2.
  • Liu, Q., Sun, Y., Chen, J., Li, P., Li, C., Jiang, L., & Niu, G. (2017). Symplocos paniculata : a new ornamental plant species. Acta Horticulturae. 1185(1185), 11-20.
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  • Sun, Y., Masabni, J., & Niu, G. (2015). Simulated Seawater Flooding Reduces the Growth of Ten Vegetables at Seedling Stage. HORTSCIENCE. 50(9), S55-S56.
  • Greyvenstein, O., Starman, T., Byrne, D. H., Pemberton, H. B., & Niu, G. (2015). Mean Daily Maximum Temperature for 8-14 Days before Harvest as a Good Predictor of Change in Garden Rose Flower Dry Weight. VI INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ROSE RESEARCH AND CULTIVATION. 1064(1064), 67-72.
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