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My research focus has been on the 20th century U.S. Army's military, intellectual, and social evolution, imperial and counterinsurgency warfare, comparative international history, and the American way of war. My current project is a study of the U.S. armed forces' recovery from war.

selected publications
Academic Articles9
  • Harmanny, A., & Linn, B. M. (2020). ‘Technisch geweld’ in de Nederlands-Indonesische Oorlog. Zware wapens in de periode van dekolonisatie. BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review. 135(2), 93-110.
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  • Linn, B. M. (2016). The US Army's Postwar Recoveries. Parameters. 46(1), 13-22.
  • Linn, B. M. (2011). The U.S. armed forces' view of war. DAEDALUS. 140(3), 33-44.
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  • Linn, B. M., & Weigley, R. F. (2002). \"The American Way of War\" Revisited. Journal of Military History. 66(2), 501-501.
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  • Linn, B. M. (1999). The Pulahan Campaign: A Study in US Pacification. WAR IN HISTORY. 6(1), 45-71.
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  • Linn, B. M. (2016). Elvis’s Army. Harvard University Press.
  • Linn, B. M. (2009). The Echo of Battle. Harvard University Press.
  • Linn, B. M. (2000). Guardians of Empire The U.S. Army and the Pacific, 1902-1940. Univ of North Carolina Press.
  • Linn, B. M. (2000). The Philippine War, 1899-1902. University Press of Kansas.
Conference Papers3
  • Linn, B. M. (2011). An American Way of Irregular Warfare?. 45-54.
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