Battle, Guy individual record
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Academic Articles31
  • Battle, G. (1988). A block spin construction of ondelettes Part II: The QFT connection. COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS. 114(1), 93-102.
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  • Battle, G. (1988). Heisenberg proof of the Balian-Low theorem. Letters in Mathematical Physics. 15(2), 175-177.
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  • Battle, G. (1987). A block spin construction of ondelettes. Part I: Lemarié functions. COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS. 110(4), 601-615.
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  • Battle, G., & Federbush, P. (1987). Ondelettes and phase cell cluster expansions, a vindication. COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS. 109(3), 417-419.
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  • Battle, G. A. (1985). Federbush mode decomposition of ϕ42. Reports on Mathematical Physics. 22(2), 205-226.
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  • Battle, G. (1999). Wavelets and Renormalization. World Scientific.