Rigor in international business research: A review and methodological recommendations | Chapter individual record

This chapter offers a template for examining the rigor and validity ideals in international business survey research. It provides (1) observations on how research-quality checks are currently used, and (2) recommendations about prerequisites for their use. These recommendations are based on the idea that the ideal of rigor and validity is not absolute and cannot be achieved by ad-hoc checks. We argue that there must be certain linkages and progression in attempting higher quality in survey research. We propose a hierarchy of stipulations to strive for highest validity and rigor goal, which we entitle commensurability. As such, this framework outlines the different steps which need to be examined progressively to approach commensurability. © 2008 Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Cavusgil, S. T., Deligonul, Z. S., & Griffith, D. A.
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Boddewyn, J.
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