3D convolutional neural networks for human action recognition | Conference Paper individual record

We consider the fully automated recognition of actions in uncontrolled environment. Most existing work relies on domain knowledge to construct complex handcrafted features from inputs. In addition, the environments are usually assumed to be controlled. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are a type of deep models that can act directly on the raw inputs, thus automating the process of feature construction. However, such models are currently limited to handle 2D inputs. In this paper, we develop a novel 3D CNN model for action recognition. This model extracts features from both spatial and temporal dimensions by performing 3D convolutions, thereby capturing the motion information encoded in multiple adjacent frames. The developed model generates multiple channels of information from the input frames, and the final feature representation is obtained by combining information from all channels. We apply the developed model to recognize human actions in real-world environment, and it achieves superior performance without relying on handcrafted features. Copyright 2010 by the author(s)/owner(s).

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Ji, S., Xu, W., Yang, M., & Yu, K.
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