Isolation and characterization of genomic mouse DNA clones containing sequences homologous to tRNAs and 5S rRNA. | Academic Article individual record

We have cloned and characterized three fragments of Balb/c mouse DNA which hybridize to mouse cell tRNAs. Fractionation of the tRNAs which hybridize to these clones reveals that two of the clones, lambda Mt-4A and lambda Mt-6A hybridize to only one or two tRNAs, while one clone, lambda Mt-4B, hybridizes to at least seven tRNAs. Two of the tRNAs were identified as tRNAProCCG and tRNAGlyGGA, and others have been identified as tRNAs which are selectively encapsidated into virions of murine leukemia virus and avian reticuloendotheliosis virus. The DNA sequences of putative genes for tRNAProCCG and tRNAGlyGGA, plus flanking regions, were determined. A clone of Balb/c mouse DNA which selectively hybridized to 5S rRNA was also isolated and partially characterized.

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Hu, J. C., Cote, B. D., Lund, E., & Dahlberg, J. E.
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