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My research focuses on cognitive mechanisms associated with the acquisition of efficient strategies and procedure comprehension and adherence; biomechanical impacts of software design; design of auditory displays; and use of computer simulations and multimedia for teaching.

selected publications
Academic Articles49
  • Hendricks, J. W., Peres, S. C., Dumlao, S. V., Armstrong, C. A., & Neville, T. J. (2021). The Impact of Hazard Statement Design Elements in Procedures: Counterintuitive Findings and Implications for Standards. Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. 001872082110501-001872082110501.
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  • Sasangohar, F., Ade, N., Quddus, N., Peres, S. C., & Kannan, P. (2021). Identifying step-level complexity in procedures: Integration of natural language processing into the Complexity Index for Procedures—Step level (CIPS). International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. 85, 103184-103184.
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  • Sasangohar, F., Moats, J., Mehta, R., & Peres, S. C. (2020). Disaster Ergonomics: Human Factors in COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Management.. Hum Factors. 62(7), 1061-1068.
  • Moon, J., Sasangohar, F., Son, C., & Peres, S. C. (2020). Cognition in crisis management teams: an integrative analysis of definitions.. Ergonomics. 63(10), 1240-1256.
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  • Lintern, G., Motavalli, A. l., Chua, Z., Rantanen, E. M., Peres, S. C., & Boorman, D. (2020). Rapid Development of a Hospital Checklist in a Time of COVID-19. Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications. 106480462096368-106480462096368.
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  • Peres, S. C., Best, V., Brock, D., ShinnCunningham, B., Frauenberger, C., Hermann, T., ... Stockman, T. (2008). Auditory Interfaces. HCI Beyond the GUI. 147-195. Elsevier.
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  • Lane, D. M., Sandor, A., & Peres, S. C. (2004). Sonification. Bainbridge, W. S. (Eds.), Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-computer Interaction. 669-672. Berkshire Publishing Group LLC.
Conference Papers23
  • Son, C., Moon, J., Sasangohar, F., & Peres, S. C. (2018). Identifying traces of resilient performance in incident management systems using episodes. Proceedings of the International ISCRAM Conference. 2018-May, 935-941.
  • Moon, J., Peres, S. C., & Sasangohar, F. (2017). Defining Team Cognition in Emergency Response: A Scoping Literature Review. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 61(1), 894-895.
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  • Shortz, A. E., Franke, M., Kilic, E. S., Peres, S. C., & Mehta, R. K. (2017). Evaluation of Offshore Shiftwork using Heart Rate Variability. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 61(1), 1036-1039.
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  • Williams, J. P., Sasangohar, F., Peres, S. C., Smith, A., & Mannan, M. S. (2017). Investigating Written Procedures in Process Safety: Qualitative Data Analysis of Interviews from High Risk Facilities. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 61(1), 1669-1670.
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  • Son, C., Sasangohar, F., & Peres, S. C. (2017). Redefining and Measuring Resilience in Emergency Management Systems. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 61(1), 1651-1652.
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