Effects of surface roughness and inclination angle on nucleate boiling of PF-5060 dielectric liquid on copper | Conference Paper individual record

Saturation pool boiling experiments of PF-5060 dielectric liquid are performed using eleven different Cu surfaces with average roughness, Ra = 0.21 to 1.79 μm, at inclination angle, θ, from 0° (upward facing) to 180° (downward facing). Nucleate boiling heat transfer coefficient, h NB, increases with increasing surface roughness and with decreasing inclination angle. The measured enhancements in hNB with increased surface roughness are in excess of 36%. In the upward facing orientation, the experimental values of hNB are correlated in terms of the surface heat flux in the experiments, q, as: hNB = A qB. The coefficient \"A\" increases from ∼0.14 to 0.23, while the exponent \"B\" decreases from 0.76 to 0.69 as Ra increases from 0.21 to 1.79 μm. Copyright © 2013 by ASME.

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El-Genk, M. S., Suszko, A., & Ali, A. F.
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