Thermal-hydraulics and safety analyses of the Solid Core-Sectored Compact Reactor (SC-SCoRe) and power system | Academic Article individual record

The paper presents results of thermal-hydraulics and safety analyses of the Solid Core-Sectored Compact Reactor (SC-SCoRe) and the power system that could nominally provide 38 kWe continuously for ∼ 21 years to a lunar outpost. The power system employs static components and has no single point failures in reactor cooling and energy conversion. The monolithic-core reactor operates nominally at a thermal power of 1.0 MWth and comprises six sectors cooled with circulating liquid NaK-56 at inlet and exit temperatures of 850 K and 900 K. The sectors that are neutronically and thermally coupled each has a separate pair of primary and secondary loops with thermoelectric (TE) powered electromagnetic pumps, a TE power conversion assembly, and heat-pipes radiator panels. Performed are 3-D thermal-hydraulics and safety analyses of the SC-SCoRe during nominal operation and following the unlikely event of a loss of coolant (LOC) or a loss of cooling (LOCo) in one of the reactor core sectors. Calculated results include the flow velocity and temperature fields in the core sectors, inlet and exit ducts and upper and lower plenums. Results demonstrate that with a core sector experiencing a LOC or a LOCo, the power system could continue to operate safely at a reduced reactor power of 323 kWth, and generate four kWe for critical life support functions at the lunar outpost. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Schriener, T. M., & El-Genk, M. S.
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