Convection heat transfer analyses and correlation for alkali liquid metals in uniformly heated tubes | Conference Paper individual record

Performed are Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses of convection heat transfer of liquid NaK-78 in the uniformly heated tube experiments of Talanov and Ushakov [13] at different inlet Pelect Numbers, Pe. Investigated are the effects of Pe on the Nu thermal development length, from the entrance of the heated tube, and on the fully developed Nu values. The good agreement of the calculated axial distributions of the wall temperature and local Nu with the experimental measurements at inlet Pe = 163 and 796, confirms the soundness of the numerical meshing grid and the choice of the turbulence model in the analyses. A recently developed Nu correlation, based on the experimental data of Talanov and Ushakov [17] for Pe from 80-6, 490, agrees within ± 15% with a compiled Nu database for liquid Na, and NaK-44, NaK-56, and NaK-78 alloys in uniformly heated circular tubes of different heated lengths and diameters, at Pe = 10-13, 000. Results show that the thermal development length of Nu strongly depends on the inlet Pe, and that a heated length ≥ 25-tube diameter is adequate for the thermal development of Nu to ≤ 5% of its fully developed value.

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Schriener, T. M., & El-Genk, M. S.
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