Numerical Simulation of Post-Storm Recovery and Time-Averaged Swash Velocity on an Engineered Beach with Ridge-Runnel System | Academic Article individual record

© by The International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers. Measured post-storm beach recovery and swash velocities were simulated using the process-based, depth-averaged 1-D cross-shore numerical model CSHORE over 30 tide cycles. The field data were collected during a three-week experiment along the Delaware coast of the United States following a nor’easter storm. A pronounced ridge formed immediately after the storm and rapidly grew in height and shoreward extent. The model was able to capture the ridge accretion process (crest location, elevation, and ridge slope) and time-averaged swash flows accurately once sediment transport related parameters were calibrated. In addition to sensitivity analyses of the most important numerical parameters, profile evolution and swash velocity results are presented.

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Figlus, J., Song, Y., Chardón-Maldonado, P., & Puleo, J.
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  • Swash Velocity
  • Intertidal Bar Migration
  • Post-storm Recovery
  • Beach Profile Evolution
  • Storm Impact
  • Field Experiment
  • Numerical Modeling
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