Identification of cyclic hexapeptides natural products with inhibitory potency against Mycobacterium tuberculosis | Academic Article individual record

OBJECTIVE: Our aim was to identify natural products with anti-tubercular activity. RESULTS: A set of ~ 500 purified natural product compounds was screened for inhibition against the human pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A series of cyclic hexapeptides with anti-tubercular activity was identified. Five analogs from a set of sixteen closely related compounds were active, with minimum inhibitory concentrations ranging from 2.3 to 8.9 μM. Eleven structural analogs had no significant activity (MIC > 20 μM) demonstrating structure activity relationship. Sequencing of resistant mutant isolates failed to identify changes accounting for the resistance phenotype.

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Singh, S. B., Odingo, J., Bailey, M. A., Sunde, B., Korkegian, A., O’Malley, T., ... Parish, T.
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