Professor Panchang's teaching interests include fluid mechanics, open channel hydraulics, wave mechanics, and numerical methods for coastal and ocean processes.

Professor Panchang's expertise lies in the area of coastal hydraulics in general and mathematical modeling (computer simulations) of coastal ocean processes in particular. He has developed wave prediction models like CGWAVE and coastal circulation models which have found wide usage among government and consulting engineers. Typically, Dr. Panchang's work is aimed at predicting wave and current conditions for applications such as port design, containment transport, design of offshore facilities, etc.

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Academic Articles42
  • Sandeepan, B. S., Panchang, V. G., Nayak, S., Kumar, K. K., & Kaihatu, J. M. (2018). Performance of the WRF Model for Surface Wind Prediction around Qatar. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. 35(3), 575-592.
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  • Nayak, S., & Panchang, V. (2016). Coastal Wave-Height Statistics during Hurricane Ike. JOURNAL OF WATERWAY PORT COASTAL AND OCEAN ENGINEERING-ASCE. 142(3), 04015026-04015026.
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  • Sharma, A., Panchang, V. G., & Kaihatu, J. M. (2014). Modeling nonlinear wave–wave interactions with the elliptic mild slope equation. Applied Ocean Research. 48, 114-125.
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  • Panchang, V. (2014). Passing the Baton. JOURNAL OF WATERWAY PORT COASTAL AND OCEAN ENGINEERING-ASCE. 140(1), 2-3.
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  • Panchang, V., Kwon Jeong, C., & Demirbilek, Z. (2013). Analyses of Extreme Wave Heights in the Gulf of Mexico for Offshore Engineering Applications. Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering. 135(3), 031104-15.
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  • Panchang, V., & Kaihatu, J. (2017). Advances in Coastal Hydraulics. World Scientific.
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  • Londhe, S. N., & Panchang, V. (2018). ANN techniques: A survey of coastal applications. Advances in Coastal Hydraulics. 199-234. World Scientific.
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  • Panchang, V. G., & O’Brien, J. J. (2018). On the determination of hydraulic model parameters using the adjoint state formulation. Modeling Marine Systems: Volume I. 5-18. CRC Press.
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Conference Papers19
  • Choi, M., Panchang, V. G., & IEEE, .. (2017). Operational wave forecast reliability in Cook Inlet, Alaska. OCEANS 2006, VOLS 1-4. 2017-January, 1-4.
  • Sharma, A., & Panchang, V. G. (2014). FINITE ELEMENT MODELING OF NONLINEAR WAVE TRANSFORMATION USING ELLIPTIC MILD SLOPE EQUATION. Coastal Engineering Proceedings. 1(34), 25-25.
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  • Sharma, A., Panchang, V., & Kaihatu, J. M. (2013). Numerical modeling of nonlinear wave transformation using elliptic mild slope equation. PROCEEDINGS OF THE SIXTEENTH (2006) INTERNATIONAL OFFSHORE AND POLAR ENGINEERING CONFERENCE, VOL 3. 1061-1067.
  • Singhal, G., Panchang, V., Horrillo, J., & Jeong, C. K. (2011). Reliability and Efficiency of a Coupled Wind-Wave-Current Forecasting System for Cook Inlet, Alaska. 109-119.
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